Think About This Before You Change Your Social Media Usernames

Last Saturday morning was a beautiful day and I decided to change my user name on the social networking site Twitter and Instagram. It's been a long time tha I thought to develop my name as a brand.

To be honest I never thought that my action to change the username on Instagram and Twitter have led me to spend my weekend time to correct the problem that arise.

The reality is not that difficult to change the name of any user. Anyone can do it. Therefore it is not difficult then I had never written articles on the topic.

But after trying it myself, I am aware of the difficulties that exist after the username change , rather than while in the process to change user name.

It only takes a few seconds to change your username, but it depends on your internet speed and whether Instagram was down or not.

I tried to find a user name that can be found on both Twitter and Instagram so that it can improve brand consistency and my name if I'm lucky. It's very simple process.

However, after the name change process is a difficult thing and you need to be careful. Do not be like me to learn it the hard way.

If your old account is active and has long been used so much content that already exists will link the pages that do not exist yet.
Once a user name changed , the old username will to a blank page or an error stating the user name does not exist. 
It happens immediately. 
Someone else may use your old username and your old links referring to other people.

I recommend to be careful when looking for a content that  linked to your social media profiles.

In my case it is my own blogs. It was a long and tedious process of having to make corrections in every article I link to my Twitter and Instagram.

Besides all the widgets for sharing and social media links in blog need to be update to connect to the new user name. It did not take long.

If you are also a guest blogger and has contributed articles to various blogs and other websites then you should contact the site administrator to update the information.

And if you are like me who use the social media profiles in email signatures then it should be updated as well.

If you have business cards, brochures or promotional product that says social media profile name of the user who long it should also be replaced with new ones to facilitate prospective customers find you on social media sites.

Having spent my weekend to make updates articles and I finally managed to finish it.

Please consider the points mentioned here if you plan to change your user name on any social media. And make sure you have enough time to do it.

Before starting, it is better if you prepare a list of websites, forums and so on that have links to your user name and your account. This can help you troubleshoot problems that arise after changing username.

Have you ever been through this experience? And what lessons do you get when you change your username?

Risk is essential to childhood – as are scrapes, grazes, falls and panic

Children need to be exposed to risky play. For ‘helicopter parents’, this might be difficult - but kids need to learn to manage danger themselves

Following yesterday’s all-party parliamentary group report on a fit and healthy childhood, diligent parents everywhere are wondering how much risk they should introduce into their children’s lives. The report stated that: “Risky play, involving perhaps rough and tumble, height, speed, playing near potentially dangerous elements such as water, cliffs and exploring alone with the possibility of getting lost, gives children a feeling of thrill and excitement.”

Risk is an essential component of a balanced childhood. Exposure to healthy risk, particularly physical, enables children to experience fear, and learn the strengths and limitations of their own body. However, before you book a one-way ticket to Beachy Head for you and the toddler, or dump the iPad-loving six-year-old in the woods with just a compass, let’s think about this more carefully.
For this generation of children, shuttled from padded soft play, to school, to club, to sofa, we’ve got a lot of work to do before they come over all Bear Grylls. As parents, many of us are unaccustomed to allowing even the tiniest degree of danger to enter the lives of our children. Surely it’s the job of a good parent to keep them safe? That’s why roaming distance (how far children play from home)has decreased by 90% in the past 30 years.
We are a nation of pushy helicopter parents, project managing a schedule of activities and waiting below our children on the monkey bars in case they should slip. It’s no wonder that the simulated risk of computer games is so compelling and addictive – the real world seems rather tame in comparison. Yet humans are designed to experience a degree of fear – manage it out of their lives and they will seek it elsewhere, on the internet or with self-destructive behaviour.
So how can we put some of that danger and excitement back into the lives of our cosseted children? The answer is step-by-step and in an age-appropriate way. First, the outdoors is key. Outdoors time every day is essential, and don’t just gravitate to the neat and controlled environment of the play area. Encourage the toddler to poke around under hedges and permit your primary-age children to leave your sight. Unsupervised time, even just in the garden, might lead to more cuts and scrapes or fights between siblings, but it is what many of us did as children and it teaches them how to make risk-related decisions for themselves.

Learning to light a fire is a rite of passage for most children, and from the age of three they can be actively involved in feeding and managing a small bonfire. You’ll want to supervise of course, making sure they’re not wearing flammable clothing and showing them how to behave safely, but you will be astonished by the respect they will show the flames.
Water, too, is an essential healthy risk. Let them climb in streams and fall over in the sea wearing all their clothes, let them slide in mud on a salt marsh or go wild swimming in a river. You can even discover and crawl through tunnels below rural roads, where streams pass under. Your job as an adult is to manage the risk – checking the tides before venturing on to a salt marsh or researching good swimming rivers, then stepping back to allow them to make their own decisions, which will inevitably vary from child to child.

Risky sports are a reasonably controlled way to allow your children to feel fear.Horse riding or skiing might be expensive, but what about skateboarding, tree-climbing or rock-climbing? Your child could fall at some stage, and they will probably feel out of control – but wow, they’ll feel alive.
This isn’t just the responsibility of parents. The parliamentary report states that society’s risk-averse attitude to young people’s lives affects everything from school-based activities to the design of play areas, where eliminating any potential danger or cause for future litigation is the highest goal. Risk perception is like a muscle that needs to be developed and flexed. Parents and authorities need to work together to give our children real childhoods where scrapes and grazes, falls and panic are normal. Then, when you are confident that your child’s risk radar is working, you can all play near a cliff.

An animation - Video The Salary Man

This video reminds me about the life as a salary man. It really motivated me to be successful. I am not the type of person who will retired as a salary man or a government staff.

The salaryman is an indirect spiritual sequel to "The artist" As the artist accepted the job and walk out of the office, we leave him to his story and redirect our focus on the salaryman, who he works under the company.

The animation is a manifestation of the situation in my home country, where everyone is too busy earning a living and making sure they bring back food on the table.

The Government calls out to everyone to be more productive, warn us of many capable people out there taking every opportunity to take our jobs, making sure we work hard, earn your salary, be a family man and repeat till you are unable to work anymore.

The animation is a shout-out to this madness that is ongoing ever since our country went into full over-drive in progress. Thanks for watching.

 The salaryman's ending is the answer to the artist's ending of "did he really kill himself" in the boss's room. The answer is no, as it was all a manifestation in his mind when he took his pay cheque

Top 10 best free responsive blogger template for 2016

The selection process of a theme design or template when starting a blog is one of the most important decisions you can make in the beginning. Other than sets the mood of the readers, it also have a great impact in SEO, multi-device usability and social-sharing where all of these can decide the success of your blog.

However the default option that is available in Bloggers is not so appealing. But afraid not because there are a lot of HTML and CSS designers that have created a good and beautiful custom theme for Blogger.

So, without further ado I give you the top 10 best free responsive blogger template for the year 2016. Please check it out.  Some templates are versatile and their look and feel suitable for a variety of blog categories.

01. Minimal Clean

Minimal clean is a responsive good-looking blogger template with a simple white background. Minimal is best suited with author oriented blog.

Author: Themexpose

Features: Minimalist, Ads Ready, SEO Ready, Clean, White, Magazine, 1 Right Sidebar, Photography, Free Premium, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready etc.

Live Preview                                         Download

02. Vienna

Vienna Blog Template is a Free Blogger Template build especially for daily/hobby bloggers, who love to share their story, whether it is about Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty or just a Personal Blog or anything else.Vienna Blogger Template has a clean and minimalistic design that can guaranteed to bring a pleasant reading experience to your readers just like our previous free blogger templates.

Author: Yo..!Templates

Features: Minimalistic & Clean Design Beautiful Slider Perfect For Mobile And Tablet Blogger's All New Featured Post Widget Get Load Quickly Specially Designed Latest Post Widget Newsletter Subscription Widget Ready Ads and Ad-Sense Ready Related Post Widget After Every Post Author Profile After Each Posts SEO & Google Analytics Ready Compatible With Major Browsers (Mozilla,Chrome,Safari) User Friendly Admin Layout. Simple Instagram Carousel Widget Strong Documentation & Fast Customer Support

Live Preview                                         Download

03. Charm

Charm is a clean and personal responsive blogger template. This theme is designed for personal blogging and is a responsive blogger template that comes with 2 column layout given which is SEO optimized to come up in SERP as fast as possible. Charm responsive layout theme falls in the category of Personal Template.

Author: OddThemes

Features: The responsive blogger template is apt for personal blogging in environment This is a 2 column design. Fully Responsive Design to work on all devices by adapting their screen sizes. On homepage, this theme sports a Gallery which opens on popup with every images of the posts. Personal Blog design with large logo on top. Photo in About author automatically gets circled. Threaded Comments.

Live Preview                                         Download

04. Eclair

Eclair is an awesome new personal blogging templates with a nice and clean two column layout. It is sweet and simple and is perfect for writers, collectors, fashion, beauty, and just about any other form of blogging required. Its also great for photographers because it includes the native blogger lightbox technology. Every element of this theme is well crafted and makes your site look professional website and you get maximum exposure to your content.

Author: SoraTemplates

Features: Responsive - Check Here SEO Friendly - Check Here Google Testing Tool Validator - Check Here Mobile Friendly - Check Here Custom 404 Page - Check Here Fast Loading - Check Here Ads Ready 2 Column Layout Minimalistic LightBox Featured Images Font Awesome Social Sharing Browser Compatibility.

Live Preview                                         Download

05. Motive Mag

Motive Mag is a minimal, unique and bold magazine blogger template, designed to showcase your content in an effortlessly timeless style and is very important that anyone can share post type to social media like Instagram, twitter and etc with easily.

Author: SoraTemplates

Features: Responsive - Check Here SEO Friendly - Check Here Google Testing Tool Validator - Check Here Mobile Friendly - Check Here Custom 404 Page - Check Here Fast Loading - Check Here Magazine Slider Ads Ready Drop Down Menu Clean Layout Clear Design Social Sharing Browser Compatibility

Live Preview                                         Download

06. Absolute

Absolute is a clean, sophisticated & beautiful image rich blog theme designed to make sharing your stories a pleasure. Its strength is its simplicity and flexibility, a modern blogger personal blog template that presents your work and content with absolute clarity and impact. The perfect blogging theme for food, travel, photography, family, lifestyle, fashion, design and much more.

Author: SoraTemplates

Features: Responsive - Check Here SEO Friendly - Check Here Google Testing Tool Validator - Check Here Mobile Friendly - Check Here Custom 404 Page - Check Here Fast Loading - Check Here Slider Ads Ready Drop Down Menu Clean Layout Clear Design Social Sharing Browser Compatibility

Live Preview                                         Download

07. Simple Grid

The Simple Grid Responsive Blogger Template is made specially for those who like their blog in a grid view for better focus.


Features: Responsive  SEO Friendly   Google Testing Tool Validator   Mobile Friendly   Dynamic Heading  Masonry Plugin  Grid Based Layout  1 Column Style  3 Column Footer  Google Friendly  Custom Threaded Comment  Responsive Ad Slot  Clean Typography  Minimalist  Breadcrumbs  Top Navigation  Fixed Responsive Dropdown Navigation  Light Base Theme Color  Related Posts  Search Box  Social Share Button  Smooth Scroll back To Top  Custom Subscribe Box Widget  Custom Contact Form Widget  Sitemap Widget  Multi Author Box  Well Documentation

Live Preview                                         Download

08. NeoMagz

Neomagz responsive template is the perfect solution for online magazines, news websites, professional blogs and other editorial related projects. Fully responsive and looks great on desktop, mobile devices and tablets.

Author: Uong Jowo

Features: Responsive WowSlider, Carousel, Mega menu, etc. Present your content, images and videos in a most attractive way and create online magazines for fashion, travel, lifestyle, glamour or any other editorial website you can use.

Live Preview                                         Download

09. BetterMagz

Better Mag is a clean, super customizable & flexible Blogger Magazine & Blog theme with fully Responsive Design. It is created mainly for the news, magazine and blog websites but due to its supern flexiblity it allows you to create the websites for any other purposes too. When your readers visit your blog, beautifully designed featured posts slider will attract their eyes first. Better Mag is a simple way to create your Magazine or Blog, with no technical knowledge or expertise required!

Author: SoraTemplates

Features: Responsive SEO Friendly Google Testing Tool Validator -  Mobile Friendly -  Custom 404 Page -  Fast Loading -  Magazine Slider Ads Ready Drop Down Menu Clean Layout Clear Design Social Sharing Browser Compatibility

Live Preview                                         Download

10. Blogstarz

Blogstar is a clean and minimal Responsive Blogger Template which brings Grid based masonry design. It’s very code-light, making it quick to load, and has a pleasingly clean look that’s ideal for Blog or Magazine. Perfect choice for your personal blog, Fashion blog, OOTD blog, authority blog or any type of creative blog or simple magazine. It has a responsive design meaning your content will be displayed beautifully on all mobile devices.By this Template you can create your own blog very easily.


Features: Fully Responsive Design  Grid based masonry Design Advance Search Engine Optimization Auto resize thumbnail image Well Documentation Threaded Comment Recent Post By Label Related posts support Ads Ready Auto Author Image Newsletter Subscription Custom Error 404 Page Free blogger templates 2015 Compatible with major browsers (IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari) Professional admin layout, help you easy work with blog layout.

Live Preview                                         Download

This list will be updated accordingly.

P/s : I create this post to record top 10 blogger template that I really love.

Use SnapWidget to display your Instagram photos on your website

Used by more than 100,000 websites daily, SnapWidget is the most popular Instagram Widget that allows you to quickly and easily embed a photo gallery in your website or blog.

Why you should use Snapwidget? 

Easy to install 
To add the widget to your site, simply copy and paste the snippet.

Supports usernames and hashtags 
Display an Instagram photo gallery for a specific username or a hashtag on your blog or website. 

Completely free! 
You don't pay anything to use the basic widget on your website.

But if you are interested with their pro widget you can get all these extra 

Create up to 10 widgets You can create up to 10 widgets for 1
username per subscription
Completely ad free Which means that your widget will look more professional
Filter by username and hashtag
Photo popup
Link to Instagram or any other page
Pagination controls
Show liked photos
Custom CSS
Google Analytics integration
Photo Moderation
 More customization

How to add an Instagram widget to your website or blog

This tutorial video shows how to display your Instagram photos on a Wordpress blog using SnapWidget. To
watch this video on YouTube, click here.

How to add an Instagram widget to Tumblr

This tutorial video shows how to display your Instagram photos on Tumblr using SnapWidget. To watch
this video on YouTube, click here.

How to add an Instagram widget to Blogger

This tutorial video shows how to display your Instagram photos on Blogger using SnapWidget. To watch
this video on YouTube, click here.

How to use SnapWidget on a responsive website

In this tutorial video you will see how you can add a SnapWidget Instagram widget to a responsive website.
To watch this video on YouTube, click here.

Arieon Personal Website

Friends call me Arieon, but I wouldn’t mind to be called Ron or Aeron either. According to the Chinese calender, I was born in the year of the Water Boar which means Water boar go with the flow and usually trust people before they truly know them.

This, of course, can get me into trouble because water boar are often to trusting for their own good.Water boar are quite easily influenced; yet, can be very persuasive whenit comes to getting what they want.

In addition water boar love parties and social situations and enjoy giving of themselves to help others.

The Gregorian calendar however would point out that I was born on December the 29th, 1983 which makes me a highly ambitious person.

The place I call home is known as Kota Kinabalu located in the state of Sabah. In a good weather,the highest mountain in South East Asia Mount Kinabalu can be seen from Kota Kinabalu.

At the moment, I am still taking have finished my course Bachelor in Information Technology at Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

I graduated in November 2013 hope by this year 2013 I would be able to graduate. =)I am fascinated by music and I enjoy traveling and also things that related to computers.

In work, I enjoy keeping things simple but practical.

And yes, I do believe in karma.

 The following quote is one of my favorite as it summarizes myself in one sentence:
 If opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a door. (Milton Berle )
I am a blogger, not an 'anonymous' hacker.